Who are we?

In almost two decades since inception, FUJI Saudi succeeded in entering a tough competitive market such as the Saudi's one, and with well-earned merit; acquired clientele confidence as national leading firm. The FUJI Saudi strategic partnership with FUJI, the Japan-based internationally renowned elevators, and escalators manufacturing company allowed us invariably to unleash a new era of vertical transportation solutions in the KSA. With exceptionally advanced technology and higher safety measurements, FUJI Saudi has dominated the base and grasped the lion's share among MENA, Middle East, and Gulf regions. FUJI Saudi just follow its partner’s outstanding operating criteria with distinctive customer care, state-of-the-art maintenance facility and round the clock technical support under the supervision of experienced technicians and engineers. In its next move, FUJI Saudi planned to deepen probe into vital sectors that involve real-estate, construction, and hospitality and healthcare projects. The company currently runs five major branches in Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Madina, and Khobar, as well as five maintenance and service centers in Al has, Qaseem, Khamis Meshit, Jizan, and Tayef.