Chairman’s word

The strategic partnering agreement with FUJI was a crossroad for our company and a second foundation to execute our ambitious future plans. We have realized from day one as professional elevators and escalators designers and manufacturers that leading the Saudi market isn’t round the corner, so since inception back in 1999 we worked as a combined and determined team to cover each single move in term of production and service quality, applying of engendered technology, design creativity and of course competitiveness. Closer trailing of offer and demand status allowed us to indicate local and regional market’s needs and merging FUJI’s advanced technology to meet client’s expectations as we truly succeeded to close many deals with the group of leading firms. In another route, FUJI Saudi succeeded in attaining many international prestigious awards and recognition which ensures our commitment toward high-standards of quality, safety, customer care and exceptional pre and after sale facilities. We look forward to becoming the national leading company in our sector as well as a noticeable contributor in all aspects of Saudi economic and social development that comes in line with the 2030 national vision.